Linktree Divi Layout for 1 usd

Posted by egedijital
On April 9, 2021

Use the popular Link Tree layout in Divi!

Not too long ago we had a rap artist inquiring about a very specific website. She wanted her website to be able to have a front page that looked like Link Tree, and the backend to be WordPress. She knew that she would eventually want to scale up her website, so instead of getting a Link Tree + a full blown website, she asked us to create a Link Tree kind of front page and ensure that one of the links directed people to her Divi Designed WordPress site… which also happened to be powering her Link Tree. So we thought something like this already existed… NOPE!

So there you have it, a simple Link Tree Layout for you to offer your clients which can have all of their social media and digital platform links all on one page. Please do innovate from here! We made the layout very bare boned so that you can add in sick colors and animations. If you purchase the layout, please do drop us a line to tell us how you used it! We love to see innovation at work.


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